No Complaints.

March 18, 2010

There is light in the evening again. It is getting warmer. And suddenly, I’m motivated to be as active as my body will allow. This means that I’ll be spending whatever hours I can find outside on my bike; the mornings aren’t so cold anymore, and the evening is just fine. “Spring ahead” is like a tax refund for time, an I always love it.

Aside from the clocks around me, there are some other changes happening for me, and they are positive as well. Just as with “spring ahead,” however, there’s always an individual who sees it the other way.  And just the same, I won’t feel like I’m missing out on an hour of sleep…

A few days ago I saw a woman who looked like she was wasting away, your typical crazy lady with an eating disorder; she had to have been at least 25 pounds underweight. I felt very strange while selling her a pair of running shoes– wondering to myself why in the hell she could possibly feel like she needs to run.  She was friendly and engaging, but withholding and indecisive– which seemed common, presuming she had an eating disorder. And then she suddenly she informed me that she lost her husband six months prior in a car wreck. She went on to explain that he left four independent businesses to her, and that operating them has been overwhelming. She also informed me of a particularly cruel type of identity theft to which she’d fallen victim wherein the thieves also tormented her. This woman just wanted her old life back, and she will never have it again.  Why is she buying running shoes? I guess it seems like the simplest escape option.

Before I was even able to redraft this entry, a close friend of mine was hit by a car.  He suffered some injury, and his bicycle was damaged.  When talking about a vehicle/bicycle collision, that’s about as good as it gets, and it can always be worse.

I’m not old, but I’ve been around long enough to know that bad things can certainly come in waves; I also know that there’s another side to those waves that can be impossible to see when you’re trapped.

Cross your bridges carefully, and don’t burn them.


3 Responses to “No Complaints.”

  1. Margot Perez Says:

    Hello Justin!!! I must say today’s words are deserving of more words. Per earlier dialogue, we are in concurrence with the spring forth motion. It adds just enough light to the active subject!!! Along with this, I am impressed with your awareness as you slip running shoes on troubled souls. Here I thought I was special but still yet delighted to know you are the same yesterday and today.

    PS Sometimes I run across bridges to keep from burning them!!!

  2. douglas Says:

    I like this blog. Its different from the others.
    How does one know if he/she is trapped?

  3. itsnotfunnyanymore Says:

    “trapped” in the sense that you feel like you’re losing ground on a daily basis.

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