Ghost Riders.

October 8, 2009

THIS is a good article.

I’ve become increasingly frustrated with the bureaucratic apathy and contempt towards people in Houston who ride bikes (and sometimes towards people who ride them like idiots).

AND YettiCross (YCX) is currently homeless because of this same apathy/contempt. Look HERE.

Seriously, Houston. I love you very much, but let’s get it together.


One Response to “Ghost Riders.”

  1. ryan Says:

    Ghost riders was a good article. I got all riled up and jumped on my bike to seek out some ‘rails to trails’ sections I hadn’t been on. I had fun that day, but it didn’t make me feel much better. So much potential, but mostly hopeless! Maybe by 2025? The heights has it goin on tho. Really cool to see so many people out on the bikeway, just meandering. Night riding has been killer, your blog is funny (oh, and informative!), and if you could see how dumb and difficult it is to make these entries on a blackberry you would understand why I’m gonna stop… NOW.

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