Things I’ve Learned Recently:

July 22, 2009
Some people old enough to attend or graduate from a university and own a car do this:

Scrabble is hard with only vowels.
Izit catches tags with sidewalk chalk and may be younger than I thought (glad I got this one before it rained.)
I eat at buffets a LOT, and sometimes get them to go.
Nutrias were brought to Louisiana from South America for Tobasco sauce pets, and came to Houston to get away from Hurricane Katrina. (a little inside, I know.) They are STILL awesome.
Bowling is still fun when the bowling alley tries to close 15 minutes early.

Rocks and minerals sometimes fight? or have court cases? I’m not really sure it counts as learning if I’m still confused.

I could have figured that one out, but sometimes it helps to see it in print.
Where to get fresh ideas for sick ink tatz.
Cricket larva is apparently the same thing as Doritos.
What Madonna’s pussy might look like.


One Response to “Things I’ve Learned Recently:”

  1. paramour Says:

    1. I always look for Nutrias (and usually find them) when I go to Hermann park
    2. I really wanted to got to the MONS today
    3. I was recently greeted with an "Izit" tag on the wall next to me whilst trying to pee at a Montrose bar

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