Beef In The Streetz

July 10, 2009
I saw this near downtown the other day. It is awesome.

A classic case of graffiti-heavyweight-beef. What do we have here? Jenkem: a name that references a DANGEROUS DRUG, it’s written in primitive cursive with a curvy underline in brown marker or possibly shit. And, Izit: a clever way of putting the words “Is” and “It” together by misspelling one of them, the lollipop “I” of a kindergardener with a clever arrow for a “T”.

So spiteful, this Izit. The line running through the Jenkem tag goes back and forth, like three times. You might even say that Jenkem got totally crossed out.
This could get really heavy, Houston, so be careful what spots you pick. There might be somebody high on shit fumes with their eye on the same spot, and who knows what someone high on shit fumes would do to someone else, considering how they get their kicks?! I don’t even wish to speculate what could happen if you ran across an angry Izit; bad kids are scary, the really young ones don’t care about consequences, and cleverness is like an extra bullet. Just be careful out there.

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