a little strange, don’t you think?

August 20, 2008
i was taking the trash out today just before closing down the shop. near the dumpster area sat a homeless man, who was not a familiar face of the rice village vagrants, with two heaping stacks of junk mail. he was opening envelopes, reading and discarding offers for travel, credit cards, and the like. letters were blowing away from him as he made no attempt to secure them. as i approached the dumpster i noticed a one dollar bill on the ground between me and him. fearing that it had belonged to him and was covered in leprosy or excrement, i did not pick it up. so there’s this homeless guy twenty feet away from me opening letter after letter, obviously in search of some fortune, meanwhile there’s a dollar ten feet away from the both of us and i couldn’t tell if he even knows it’s there. i finished dumping my trash, and headed back towards the shop, watching him discreetly to find out wether he even sees this fucking dollar. as i’m passing him he asks without looking at me, “do ya have any extra starburst?” 
“what?!” i asked.
“ya got any extra starburst?”
i heard him correctly the first time after all, but i had no verbal response; all i could do was lift an arm in total confusion and make a face to complement the gesture. 
and that was it. i went back inside, and i still don’t get it. i know he knew that dollar was there.

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